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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Prior to Fasting.

Ok, Today I decided to speculate some money on a games console in order to help me lose weight. So I spend all day traping round in the rain, only to find not 1 single store has them in stock. Im so stressed out now because I need it by the 1st of January inorder to really help. I got 2 blisters on 1 foot and 3 on the other from the wet shoes, so its going to be hell getting in my exercise now, but what ever it takes to make it!

I've got to start making a daily routine plan so that I can keep focused and not be tempted to eat.

I have decided I am going to donate all the food I have to a local food bank and at least then its not going to go to waste, and someone who deserves it can have it. Im going to get a taxi there tomorrow or the day after.

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