how many years have you had an eating disorder

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Prior to fasting

Being bulimic isnt an easy thing to live with but when your an obese bulimic it make life a million times worse becuase people never see the efforts you go to to become thin!

I decided that as of the 1st of January I will be beging a 40 day water fast. I will be consuming nothing but water and intend to have nothing around not even money incase I decide to eat. This will not be my first fast, I have juice fasted before and lost over 20lb in 1 month, and I liked it!

However, after a bad year, I have gained over 80lb bringing my weight from an overweight 161lb to a disgusting 234lb.

I am in the process of writing out my rules, and day plan which I will stick to, no matter how I feel!

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