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Monday, 27 December 2010

Prior to Fast.

Food is all going and bank card if out of the house! I have cut my meal down to 1 meal a day, although I doubt I will lose more than a pound or two before Saturday as I have twisted my ankle, so wont be getting the much needed excercise!

I also will have a list of rules I plan to follow. I have no intentions on breaking them.
1) No food at all
2) Do not go out with anyone who will want to eat/drink.
3) Only weigh myself ONCE per week.
4) Keep a personal and online account of my fast/ lifestyle
5) lose at least 40lb in 40 days.
6) Do at least 1 hours walking and another hour in other exercises.
7) Plan out the day at least 1 week before.
8) Add a new rule everyweek
9) Keep active
10) Research bulimics in the spot light.

I am absolutly terrified but also excited about my fast, I feel like a child waiting for her first performance infront of people! :D

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