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Thursday, 30 December 2010

2 Days to before the fast.

Ok today is a test for me I am cutting caffiene from my diet. I also am only on FRESH fruits and vegetables today, Im a little nervous of tomorrow being New Years Eve, I made plans to go out with s few of my girls tomorrow night and I want to cancle it .... but if I do that it might ruin their New Years Eve! I dont know what to do I was considering going with them and not drinking anything but orange juice but I cant ever go out and just stay on orange with them there the type of people who believe alcohol is the key to everyones problems, I think Ill just have to wait and see.

Im hoping to get a hold of some hoodia, since I am not fasting for detox Im doing it purely for weight loss I dont think it could do any harm. I already have this wonderful imiage in my head of me being so peuatiful surrounded by friends, and everyone liking me! ;)  so story book like haha!

its only just past half past one in the afternoon and I feel as dead as a door nail! No caffiene is hell for me I have paracetamol at hand reasy for the withdrawls of it haha!

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