how many years have you had an eating disorder

Sunday, 9 January 2011

1st Weigh Day

I weighed myself last night and Im slightly disappointed, although I have and still am ill, I weigh 221.2lb down from 228. so its a loss of 6.8lb, almost a lb a day.

Im hoping that tomorrow I can get out and get some exercise because I am in desparate need, I have spent the last 6-7 days in bed littereally. My head is still a little fuzzy almost sureal. Im hoping that I can lose another 6-8lb.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 4 Fast

Well I went to the doctors to day and have both a viral infection as well as a stomach bug!

I'm hoping that the antiboitics will start to work soon because I feel so terrible. I think I have lost a bit of weight already, However im not counting on more than a couple of pound as the only exercise I have got all wekk is to the doctors, Im heading back to bed now for another night of hell! My stomach is hurting so much from hunger and the bug, but I must say having the bug have made the fast alot easier to handle because I havent been able to think about food without feeling sick like now! :) but alls will be worth it in a few weeks when /i complete teh 40 day fast!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day 2.

Im not feeling well at all today Ive been sick and I have the worst headache ever! Im not convinced this is anything to do with fasting. I physically am unable to stay awake and have pain in my left upper side my back. Im hoping that it is just fasting withdrawls although I am not convinced and Im a little worried it might be Swine Flu as I have had a cold for a while now.

Im going to contine fasting but If I am still ill by wednesday I will be going to the doctors to make sure its not anthing to worry aboout!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Part 2 of Day 1

Ok well not doing too good really my head is in the clouds and I havent been able to move out of bed I slept most of it away. I doubt I will lose much weight this week but I hope to lose around 4lb. Hopefully next week will be alot easier I hope to lose around 4lb each week!

My goal weight is 224lb by 8/1. finger crossed, have to go now because Im falling asleep again! haha

Part 1 of Day 1... Water fast.

Not even half way through the day today... but feeling positive, I'm not hung over at all was back home by 11 last night watched the new year come in and went to bed! its half 11am now and Im feeling pretty confident about the whole fasting experince althought being caffience free is proving difficult! Ive been up a few hours and Im still yawning, so I dont think I will make it right throught the day awake! But I intend on sticking to the fast at all cost!

My current weight today is... 228lb. I hope that by the end of the week it will be 218lb. Although Im not convinced I will lose all of that especailly with caffiene withdrawls, I havent any energy, Im hoping this will change though very quickly. Ill let you all know how my day goes later on.

Friday, 31 December 2010

The day before.

Today has been manic, I have taken a laxative today to flush out my system ready for my fast tomorrow! I have to remember tonight eat after 12, being new years eve Im nervous because I am going out with frends although Im hoping to play the ill card by 10pm to be home by 12 so not a drop of alochol or food passes my lips! Still panicing over my console! There is not a shop around that has it!:( I was quite looking forward to using it whilst I had nothing else to do in the nights, as my neighbourhood is not safe at all to go out into in when it is dark, (regardless of the time!)

Thursday, 30 December 2010

2 Days to before the fast.

Ok today is a test for me I am cutting caffiene from my diet. I also am only on FRESH fruits and vegetables today, Im a little nervous of tomorrow being New Years Eve, I made plans to go out with s few of my girls tomorrow night and I want to cancle it .... but if I do that it might ruin their New Years Eve! I dont know what to do I was considering going with them and not drinking anything but orange juice but I cant ever go out and just stay on orange with them there the type of people who believe alcohol is the key to everyones problems, I think Ill just have to wait and see.

Im hoping to get a hold of some hoodia, since I am not fasting for detox Im doing it purely for weight loss I dont think it could do any harm. I already have this wonderful imiage in my head of me being so peuatiful surrounded by friends, and everyone liking me! ;)  so story book like haha!

its only just past half past one in the afternoon and I feel as dead as a door nail! No caffiene is hell for me I have paracetamol at hand reasy for the withdrawls of it haha!